Eurasia Zerrin is a young and dynamic company registered in Turkey and its office is located in Istanbul. Our company run strictly under Corporate Regulations of Turkey’s legal system, which is trusted, tried and tested by international business. The company is experienced in international trade in Turkey, China and Middle East countries such as United Arab Emirates, Oman, china
Eurasia Zerrin is equipped with experts having extensive practical knowledge in respect to international trade and customs rules and regulations.
All our clients are well-protected against the international business regulations when doing business with Eurasia Zerrin. Our clients are from all over the worlds, whoever needs to find a partner to help them comfortably source from Turkey, China or export to these countries.
Eurasia Zerrin assists companies in international trade through a specially trained export team. This dedicated team can help your company grow revenues by expanding into global markets.
Therefore, by selecting Eurasia Zerrin and benefiting from our international trade services your company can:
 Increase sales and profits, every firm can expand from local markets into foreign markets to increase their sales and profitability.
 Reduce dependence on domestic markets and Gain global market share
By expanding into foreign markets, a firm can increase its marketing base and reduce internal country competition.
 Learn about export compliance and documentation
Explore international trade finance such as Letter of Credits (LCs), Letter of Guarantees and Discounting,
 Stabilize market fluctuations
By expanding into global markets, firms are no longer held captive to economic changes, consumer demands and seasonal fluctuations within the domestic economy.
 Free trade agreements between countries
These agreements eliminate traditional market entry barriers, (i.e., import taxes and tariffs).
 Sell to many countries,
Many of small and medium size firms sells only to one country, however they could boost exports by expanding the number of countries they sell to.
Many smaller businesses are so busy running their day-to-day operations that is why they don’t look into exporting to global market. In addition, many businesses also have misconceptions about exporting which they think it is too burdensome and they believe export is only for larger firms. We can help. contact us at to get assistance.