We Source what you need

We are experts in finding your desired raw material and final products from Turkey and dubai. We source, inspect, and ship directly to you. So whether or not this is your first product sourced from Turkey and dubai or if you simply need an expert to make your life easier by handling everything for you, Eurasia Zerrin is your reliable partner to help you source your products. We find it at the right price, from reliable Turkish/dubai factories and have it delivered to your door and all these may result even cheaper than doing it by yourself!!
Moreover, if you already have found your supplier or your customer in any of the countries we are active in (Turkey and dubai) and need help in export/import, we handle your trade at the very competitive cost.

Price quotation

EURASIA ZARRIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE GROUP has business relations with various reputable companies and factories in Turkey and dubai, therefore we introduce the most creditable ones in terms of quality, price and support to our customers. This makes our customers to purchase their goods with the least risk in Turkey and dubai.
It must be mentioned that merchants and traders should fully provide us with the detailed specifications of their intended commodities in Turkey and dubai in order to be offered precise price.
With regard to lack of access of merchants and buyers to Turkish or dubai manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey and dubai as well as lack of enough information regarding creditable and trusted sellers, international department of EURAISA ZARRIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE company, offers its services such as obtaining price quotations, volume, quality and suitable price.

Customs clearance of goods

Customs clearance is a very specialized and complicated job. Without having enough knowledge and experience of current rules and regulations, the customs formalities might be carried out with difficulty.
Unfamiliarity with the process of customs clearance might lead to unnecessary waste of time and money.

Export of goods

ZARRIN TRADE CO also offers exporting services to its clients. Our company has the capability to assist the exporters in the affairs related to exporting of goods to various world economic zones. Most exporters need a skilful agent with strong connections and fully familiar with current laws and rules to help them accomplish their goals.

Translation Services

Since organizations, offices, state and private corporations, traders and merchants and all the other people who need verbal communication with their counterparts, guests and foreign visitors are looking for Turkish/Persian bilingual interpreter in Turkey and dubai, to meet this need EURASIA ZARRIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE group with professional and experienced interpreters, are at the service of the customers.

Accommodation in Turkey

Our customers can benefit our hotel reservation services and:
• Access to best prices based on the special offers of hotels (corporate rates),
• Receiving the booking confirmation of hotels for submission to embassy
• Planning tours for individual passengers
• Airport transfer reservation
• Reservation of city tour, according to taste , interest and budget of passengers.
• Car Rent services,